The Area D committee apologises that it is no longer able to offer a Literature Ordering Service to its Members, Groups and Districts. Area D will no longer receive a discount from GSO for literature purchased, which means it is no longer financially viable to continue the service. We utilised this discount to pay for the postage – saving our members that cost.
This decision is the result of a recommendation that was accepted at Conference in 2017, which states that “discount on literature to Areas and Districts will only be available for PI & CPC initiatives. Where there is a local Central Service Office, groups should purchase their literature from that office.”
The decision to stop offering the service was made at the Area D Assembly on 3 December 2017.

For all Literature Orders Groups, Districts and Individual Members may still purchase their Literature from the General Service Office (GSO-Sydney – Ph: 02 9599 8866 – Email: but be aware that, in addition to the list price for the Literature, there will be postage costs.

Alternativcly, contact the Melbourne CSO  at 46 Porter Street PRAHRAN, 3181. Ph: 03 9529 5948 – or order on line from their website – the their on line store under the Literature Tab. Unless picked up – there will be postage costs.