The Area D committee apologises that it is no longer able to offer a Literature Ordering Service to its Members, Groups and Districts. Area D will no longer receive a discount from GSO for literature purchased, which means it is no longer financially viable to continue the service. We utilised this discount to pay for the postage – saving our members that cost.

This decision is the result of a recommendation that was accepted at Conference in 2017, which states that “discount on literature to Areas and Districts will only be available for PI & CPC initiatives. Where there is a local Central Service Office, groups should purchase their literature from that office.”

The decision to stop offering the service was made at the Area D Assembly on 3 December 2017.

Area D can order Literature for Groups or Districts at the discounted price for PR purposes only.

For all Literature Orders Groups, Districts and Individual Members may still purchase their Literature from the General Service Office (GSO-Sydney – Ph: 02 9599 8866 – Email: but be aware that, in addition to the list price for the Literature, there will be postage costs.

Alternatively, contact the Melbourne CSO  at 46 Porter Street PRAHRAN, 3181. Ph: 03 9529 5948 – or order on line from their website – the their on line store under the Literature Tab. Unless picked up – there will be postage costs.