National Correctional Facilities Co-Ordinator position

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National Correctional Facilities Co-Ordinator position
The term of office is four years, taking effect in 2021.
The new Co-ordinator is appointed by the Chairman of the Trustees’ Correctional Facilities
Committee, in consultation with the General Service Board.
The responsibilities of the Co-ordinator are:
 To actively encourage and promote the growth of Correctional Facilities activities
throughout Australia.
 To act as a positive communication link, through reporting, writing, email, the Service
website, displays and the National T&CF Forum, between all parts of the Fellowship
with an interest in relevant Service work;
 Be in regular contact with the Chairperson of the Trustees’ Correctional Facilities
Committee in order to be apprised of Service opportunities;
 Liaise with the Board and General Service Office in seeking or conveying requested
Forum-related information, and in implementing national scale projects;
 Send short Reports on main activities and Forum progress (dot points) to the
February & July Board meetings via the General Service Office with cc to the Chair of
the relevant Trustees’ Committee, and report fully to the Board and annual GS
Conference in November.
 Publish and distribute a regular newsletter sharing information on AA activities in
Correctional Facilities.
 Actively encourage Areas to have Forum hosting bids in for Conference approval two
years ahead, to ensure continuity and certainty for maximum benefit to the Fellowship;
 Be a functioning ex officio member of the relevant National Forum Host Planning
Committee (HPC): co-ordinate, attend where feasible, receive all minutes, keep in active
touch with the HPC and report to the Board;
 Ensure that the Forum is relevant and attractive to the Fellowship in its content and
 See that the Forum as a whole is recorded for posterity;
 Attend the Forum and deliver a report to the Service Fellowship on the past two years’
activities in Correctional Facilities, including both successes and shortcomings as seen
by the officebearer;
 Act on and follow up any requests of the Forum;
 Ensure that the Forum Program includes a slot for a short explanation and questions on
the role of the Co-ordinator; ensure nomination forms for the next Co-ordinator position
are available and participants are aware of the this and the deadline of the end of the
Forum; convey completed forms to National Office as soon as possible after the Forum.

If you are interested in this position please ask for a nomination form from