General Service Conference

The annual General Service Conference (the group conscience of AA as a whole) is an essential part of the AA General Service Structure of Australia. It is held in November each year. More information about the general service conference can be found in the AA Service Manual

For a Map of the General Service Conference Process – CLICK HERE

2018 AA Structure Inventory – your input needed!

One of the major outcomes of the 2017 General Service Conference was to conduct a structural inventory of AA in Australia, since no changes have occurred to the structure in nearly 50 years.

A discussion paper has been drafted, which combines the input from each of the regions that was given during workshops at the 2017 General Service Conference.  We really need feedback to be able to further shape any recommended changes to the future of the AA structure.

Can you please:

  1. Download the discussion paper and read carefully
  2. Complete the online survey we have set up for capturing feedback

2017 Conference Outcomes

The Area Delegate reported on 2017 Conference Outcomes to the Workshop and Assembly on 3rd December. Below are the details of the original Topics and the decisions made for each of them by Conference.

Click on the headings below to download the 2017 Topics and attachments:

2017 Conference Topics

1. 2017 Conference Outcomes – Topics voted on resulting in Advisory Actions

2. 2017 Conference Outcomes – Topics voted on but no resulting Advisory Actions

3. 2017 Conference Outcomes – Summary of Advisory Actions