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2024 Committee Meetings & Area D Assemblies

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The schedule for Area D Committee Meetings and Assemblies has now been set for 2024.

2024 Committee Meetings via Zoom
Sunday 4 Feb  3-5pm
Sunday 5 May  3-5pm
Sunday 11 Aug  3-5pm
Sunday 27 Oct   3-5pm

Area D Assemblies 2024
Sunday 3 March 2024, via zoom, 1-4pm
Sunday 2 June 2024, via zoom, 1-4pm
Sunday 22 Sept 2024, via zoom 1-4pm
Sunday 1 Dec 2024, In Person, venue TBC Workshop 10:30am, Lunch, Assembly 1-4pm

Assemblies are forums for all GSRs and AA member observers. GSRs vote at Assemblies.

Committee meetings are attended by formal committee members whose job is to organise the Assemblies and other admin for Area D