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Geelong District

The Geelong District began with one meeting back in 1955 – now there are many groups offering a variety of meetings varying from ID, to open discussion, beginners, to Big Book Studies,  There are meetings available every day of the week with the addition of coastal groups within an easy drive of Geelong.

The District continues to handle Third Legacy work and all Twelfth Step work in the city and suburbs of Geelong.

Portfolios include hospitals and treatment facilities. Our own phone and twelve step roster. PI & CPC committee work tirelessly to spread the AA message. Plus our annual Geelong Anniversary Convention in November.

District committee meets quarterly on zoom.  All GSRs and observers (AA members) are always welcome.

District Meetings for 2022:
Tues 15 March 6.30pm
Wed 15 June 6.30pm
Mon 12 Sep 6.30pm
Tues 13 Dec 6.30pm

Email the secretary (below) for the zoom link. 

Contact Details for Geelong District:

Contact details for Alcoholics Anonymous Geelong:
PO Box 914, Geelong 3220
Phone 0477 768 657 (24 hours)

Geelong Meetings List