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AA for the deaf and hard of hearing

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What to do if a Deaf/hard-of-hearing person comes to your meeting

What is AUSLAN & why is it necessary in meetings?

Auslan is the acronym for Australian Sign Language. An Auslan-interpreted meeting or A.A. workshop makes it possible for Deaf alcoholics to share their message of experience, strength and hope with you. With Auslan interpretation, you will be able to carry the message to Deaf alcoholics. Deaf alcoholics do not have access to daily meetings, which has gotten countless of hearing alcoholics sober.
Remember that Deaf/hard-­of‐hearing alcoholics are like any other alcoholic – they just have a different way of communicating. Help them to feel welcome by including them.

Communicate by speaking clearly (some Deaf/hard­-of-hearing people can read lips), using your smartphone to text them, or using pen and paper.

Let the Deaf/hard-­of-­hearing person know there are Auslan-interpreted meetings and A.A. materials available. Offer them a newcomer packet if your group has them. In addition, ask if they would like to have a Deaf person in recovery contact them.

Collect email addresses and phone numbers (for texting) from your home group members and see if one member would be willing to be the main contact person between your group and the Deaf/hard-of-hearing person

Further information can be downloaded from HERE

Thanks to Teresa K DCM, District 7 Southern Minnesota Area 36 for
her information & experience in the above article.

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